Imperial art & culture

Partly with pieces which have never been shown before

Numerous special and newly curated exhibitions in Vienna’s museums - in honour of several anniversaries in 2018 – are definitely worth a visit. The most recent attraction is definitely the Weltmuseum which was completely renovated and reopened last autumn.


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    Augarten Porcelain Manufactory

    The Viennese Augarten Porcelain Manufactory was founded in 1718 and celebrated its anniversary with a beautiful display of the highlights of Viennese porcelain in more than 200 shops. I personally recommend that you pay a visit to the manufactory as well as to the exhibitions which take place regularly, because it is worth taking a look over the shoulders of this rare Viennese craft!

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    "Imperial Speed" in the Imperial Carriage Museum

    This new permanent exhibition shows the full horse-power of the Habsburg family between power, art and speed and takes the visitor on a journey through life at court from 1700 to 1918. Splendid carriages, robes and the first cars of the imperial family can be seen. The true highlight is howevever the "art car" of the young racing driver Ferdinand Habsburs, a great-grandchild of Franz Joseph I. 

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    The new Weltmuseum invites you to go on a global journey to all the continents in the 14 variously curated halls.  I find the collection of Franz Ferdinand, the heir to the Habsburg throne, particularly impressive, who 1892/93 went on a 10 month voyage of discovery and brought back 14000 collectors' items to Vienna. Afterwards you should definitely have a snack in the wonderful pillared hall!


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    Museum of Applied Arts - MAK

    The MAK is also holding a special exhibition in honour of the 300th anniversary of the Viennese porcelain tradition. Because since its foundation the MAK has been preserving the estate of the imperal porcelain manufactory from 1744 and is dedicated to researching porcelain.  The porcelain room from the Palais Dubsky in Brno is particularly worth seeing, as well as the table centrepiece from Zwettl Monastery. 



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