Local Tour of Vienna - Part 1

The first part of the tour through the area around your hotel will take you past forgotten Viennese antiques, the wonderful living room atmosphere of a café and modern Viennese art. Discover the everyday culture of the Viennese.


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    Antik Keller Matschnig's

    The first stop on your short “Grätzl” tour could be at Matschnig’s Antik Keller, a cellar full of antique objects. It is definitely worth going in and having a look round. You might find something small and typically Viennese to take back home with you. The junk goods on sale are often just funny little things which come from Viennese households. So you really have a real piece of Vienna as a souvenir!

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    Café Caspar

    The Café Caspar is no longer a secret in the “Grätzl”. This is an ideal place to experience real Viennese everyday life. The most diverse people can be found here - due to its proximity to the university and the many surrounding offices, the Caspar is like a living room for everyone and has an uncomplicated feel-good atmosphere.

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    MUSA - Museum

    The MUSA is a small but fine museum which is ideal for just a short visit – because admission is free of charge and the exhibits are definitely worth seeing. An insider tip for anyone who lives in Vienna: in the art library, which belongs to the museum, you can borrow art for your home! In return for a small insurance fee, a genuine work of art can be yours for a year.

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