Local Tour of Vienna - Part 3

An extra portion of getting to know the area around the hotel! During the last part of your walk you’ll find out more about the local heroes better and get a feel for how Vienna lives and breathes. Take your time and immerse yourself fully in the local atmosphere.


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    Sigmund Freud Museum

    The world-famous Viennese doctor, Sigmund Freud, was the founder of psychoanalysis and his findings are still highly relevant today. Freud’s former surgery is today a museum – it is probably not possible to get an deeper insight into his life than that. Because this is where people like Arthur Schnitzler and Stefan Zweig, with whom he had a close friendship, used to go in and out.

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    An insider tip as to how to see the Votive Church from its most beautiful side! From the Ferstelgasse you have a wonderful view of the apse, the elaborately designed rear side of the Votive Church. Heinrich Freiherr von Ferstel was an architectural superstar of his time and the Votive Church is his main sacral work. 

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    The Josefstadt was originally a small, independent town on the outskirts of the city. Today it is Vienna’s 8th municipal district and is still home to a mixed population. The small shops on the Josefstädsterstraße actually provide a programme for the whole day – one is nicer than the other and you will surely want to visit them all. 

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