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    Curling in the Museumsquartier

    Once again this year Vienna’s Museumsquartier will be providing variety in Vienna’s winter sports programme with the MQ curling sheet. You can test your curling skills in the magnificent inner courtyard of the Museumsquartier amidst the numerous punch stalls. 

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    Studio Comploj

    If you love the art of glassworks, then you could watch Robert Comploj in his workshop. He learned his craft from the glass masters of Murano, whose Venetian techniques he combines with colourful reduced designs. That’s how he creates individual glass designs such as vases, bowls and other precious decorative objects. In addition to his use of intensive colours, Robert’s bold approach in experimenting with the form and structure of glass is also highly appreciated. 

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    A very special Viennese jewellery label for me is the MY MAGPIE Vienna collection by the industrial designer Stefanie Klausegger. Her pieces of jewellery are a combination of the aesthetics of Viennese Modernism, innovative production using 3D printing and a high level of wearing comfort. Architectural elements from Otto Wagner as well as Viennese Art Nouveau designs from Kolo Moser and Josef Hoffmann serve as a source of inspiration. Her latest model is “Ver Sacrum” which is reminiscent of the golden leafed dome of the Vienna Secession building.

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    Gelateria Arnoldo

    Gelato just like in Bella Italia. The history of the Arnoldo ice-cream makers goes back more than 100 years. You can therefore rest assured: they are champions in what they do. And you can really taste that. My favourite kinds: Biscottino (I haven’t seen that anywhere else) and pistachio (made from Sicilian pistachios)!

    ©Gelateria Arnoldo
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    Muddy Angel Run

    Also an obstacle course, but for women only! In September, the Europe-wide fun sports event will stop at the Krieau trotting track. Mud, water, foam and funny obstacles included!

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    Café Central

    The Café Central in the Palais Ferstel, opened in 1876, is still known today as optically the most beautiful of all traditional Viennese coffee houses. Its impressive architecture with its many columns is based on the Italian Trecento architecture and is a popular tourist magnet. Its famous guests from the worlds of art, literature, politics and science used to call it not just a café, but a "world view".


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„Ausg´steckt is!“ or “The “Heuriger” is open!”

If people go to a “Heuriger” or wine tavern in Vienna, then it is not simply just to drink wine. They expect the typical Viennese convivial atmosphere, dim lighting, a hearty down-to-earth “Heuriger” buffet, a “G’spritzer” (white wine with sparkling water) and some lemonade. By the way, in a traditional Viennese wine tavern you fetch the food yourself from the buffet. And a real “Heuriger” always has a bushy bunch of fir twigs hanging above the door – that is the sign that it is open or “ausgesteckt” (which literally means the twigs are “stuck out”!).

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Imperial shopping

Vienna’s souvenirs with a touch of craftsmanship

Particularly in the centre of Vienna you will find numerous shopping locations for “imperial” shopping experiences. These include many former suppliers to the imperial court, small manufactories which specialise in Viennese handicrafts, and numerous souvenir shops.

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