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"Beauty on the Danube" – first of all you think of Vienna or Budapest. But Bratislava, the Slovakian capital, is catching up. And it is catching up rapidly. Because Bratislava has plenty to offer, both for a Sunday excursion as well as for a cultural city trip with shopping factor. The plus points are that most shops are also open at weekends and – something which will please food lovers – when it comes to cuisine, Bratislava knows all the tricks in the book. 

Whether coffee shop, old Viennese café or confectioner & chocolaterie. Whether inn, pub or restaurant. Whether gallery, palace, museum or music theatre: Bratislava no longer needs to shy away from comparison with its competitors on the Danube, Vienna and Budapest. The city centre is small and compact and therefore ideal for a short and sweet city trip in between.

Bratislava sightseeing: things you have to see. 

Bratislava - formerly known as Pressburg in German - was for some time the Habsburg capital of the Kingdom of Hungary and even the coronation city of the Hungarian kings. The magnificent castle high above the city reached its cultural peak in the time of Maria Theresa and still today there are magnificent palaces on every corner, reminiscent of the family dynasties dating back to the old imperial and royal times.

That is why a walk through Bratislava is like a walk through Austrian history. And from a musical point of view, all the big names were once here: Liszt, Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven. Bratislava simply has history.

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Bratislava – the old town and its historic highlights

Strolling through the pedestrian zone – that includes everything. 

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Art, palaces and museums: Bratislava is a city of culture. 

The old aristocratic palaces, the former position as a coronation city and the rich cultural life (they were all here: Mozart, Beethoven, Liszt, Haydn) make Bratislava culturally a very rich city: there is a palace on every corner with a gallery or museum, a completely sky-blue church, a coveted opera house and a famous philharmonic orchestra and concerts at the castle. Anyone staying longer in Bratislava than for just a Sunday excursion will be spoilt for choice.

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Bratislava is also a city of music. Plus: galleries and museums.

Pure culture in the “Beauty on the Danube” 

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Pubs, street food & coffee – Bratislava from a culinary point of view

To begin with: there are more interesting culinary experiences in Bratislava than can be enjoyed on a city break. Unfortunately. Because you can’t have a break all the time. Although that would be worth it here: with Bratislava croissants or the famous Halusky (dumplings with Slovakian cheese – the national dish), with filled Pierogi and a beer in the pub, schnitzel or sauerkraut soup. In addition you will also find original red currant wine, a delight for anyone who doesn’t have any bad memories of it from their youth.

From pub flair to café

Hearty, cool, cosy or rustic. Culinary stops in Bratislava. 

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